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Profile: Hi, I'm making a “Static Shock” live action Fan film. This will be closely related to the TV series from the Early 2000’s. Side note I look just like Virgil and i already act like him. I'm only 19 not in school and currently have no funding so mine I may not look as pretty as the other 2 films but it will have the feel of the show for sure :) My film is Called Static Shock “Phenomenon”. ”Young Virgil Hawkins wakes up with new abilities and becomes “STATIC” Dakota City’s protector and Hero, with the help of his best friend Richie always there to help every step of the way. Episode 1 Still in production, my is gonna consist of mini episodes that's right this is a fan film mini series I'm working on leading up to a 15 minute Final Fan Film I have 2 trailers on YouTube the first of which went viral wit 17 thousand views in just 4 months! Then second Trailer is very Epic and has 1,300 views and counting and its been a month. [SOURCE]

staticphenomenon began campaigning and adverting his television series for Static Shock in 2011, not long after the first Static Shock fanfilm, Static Shock Blowout premiered and began to promote their sequel, Static Shock: Redemption. So far, he's maintained a steady slow of updates on the progress of his film, from general production costuming and trailers (which you can check out below). His progress has also managed to spawn some enthusiastic fanart in the wake of the reveal of who was portraying his Richie Foley. On top of "Redemption", be sure to keep a close eye on "Phenomenon" as well; both productions are promising some great things for the Milestone Media fandom.


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