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Title:  Zombies
Author: Katharsis
Fandom: Milestone Media
Genre: Humor
Rated: T
Word Count: 756
Characters: Virgil Hawkins, Richie Foley, Raquel Ervin, Frieda Goren
Series: Disaster AU (1/3)
Prompt: Zombie-verse, "
"What do you mean you forgot?"
Summary- Zombie AU. Rated T. He would actually give anything to exchange salvaging for food and dodge flesh-eating zombies for pulling all nighters and nagging parents.

Virgil thought his life before the world went to hell was hard. Now? He would actually give anything to exchange salvaging for food and dodge flesh-eating zombies for pulling all nighters and nagging parents. He presses his back the wall, holding his breath as the former security guard at the university searches for him. He hears the-thing- drag its twisted ankle against the asphalt, grunting as it passes him. Had it been two months ago, he would have tried and explain he would make for lousy meal, with his main diet being instant ramen and cheetos. He squeezes his assorted foods and a carefully wrapped box against his chest and holds his breath as it pauses, then continues on.

It's hot and the June air, with the occasional sudden smell of rotting flesh, is still, but Virgil hurries on and ignores the sweat rolling down his cheek. He's only got five minutes left to meet Raquel or he's going to regret not letting the undead bus driver eat him. But more importantly? He just doesn't want to hurt Frieda. Not again. He winces at the thought.

The day started normally enough. At sunrise, the rays of the sun seeped into the windows and started the day for the group. Today was his and Raquel's turn to start patrolling their safe haven- the university dormitory. They split into two- while they patrol, Frieda and Richie were in charge of gathering breakfast.

"So," Raquel had said, covering a small yawn with her gloved hand before placing it back on her axe. They had crept outside and started their perimeter watch. "What did you get her?"

Virgil blinked then, maybe a little sleepy. "Who?"

"Don't play dumb, V," Raquel said, smirking (and what rare sight that is), half heartedly and lightly elbowed his arm. "What did you get Frieda this year for your second anniversary together?"

He froze. She didn't notice. "Cuz last year, your gift was sweet, but it was so little and since we're boarded up at a college I'm sure..." she trailed off when she realized Virgil wasn't walking by her side. "V?"

He stared at her with what can be called sheer terror, but would be a grave understatement. "I-"


"I thought, I mean I thought-"


"I completely forgot-"

"What do you mean you forgot?"

He winced. "Come on, Rocket! Give me a break, I almost died yesterday!"

"So what? Richie almost got eaten by cheerleaders the day of my birthday, but he didn't forget to get me my present." She squeezed her axe menacingly and Virgil though she had half the mind to use it on him. "Go."


"You heard me. Go. Go to the gift stop and get her present. You got ten minutes brother until we have to meet up with them. Go."
He didn't waste any more time.

Now, he only has a minute left. Virgil leaps over a low bench and sneaks past a wondering pair of zombies off on the opposite direction. He manages to make just as Raquel quietly opens the door that was once the back entrance of Lebbon Hall dormitory. They meet up with the others at the common area as planned, Virgil acting natural and completely forgetting the sweating rolling down his bare arms, face, and neck as if he were ran all morning (which is pretty accurate). Frieda and Richie exchange looks. "Um, V?" Frieda asks and strands of her auburn hair frames her face. She takes an alarmed a step towards him. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Huh? Nothin'!" Virgil grins sheepishly and wraps his solid arms around her smaller form in hug. "Happy anniversary!" 

Silence greets him. Except a small, but firm cough from Richie. He pulls her back gently, a little worried. "Babe?"

She gives him a strange look. "Virgil, are you sure your okay?"

"Yeah...why do you keep asking me that?"

"Dude, today isn't your anniversary," Richie pipes in from his seat on the sofa chair, "It's the day after."

"Oh yeah," Raquel says thoughtfully, and too carelessly for Virgil's comfort. "I forgot. It's on the 14, not the 12th. Silly me!" Silly me?

Frieda raises a slender eyebrow. "Do you want to lie down?" It takes a moment, Virgil nods slowly. She takes his hand and leads him to the stairs, back to their rooms. Behind him, he hears, "He forgot, didn't he?"

"Yep. He totally forgot."

Yeah. He would do anything to go back to the days of pulling all nighters and nagging parents. Anything.



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