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Watch in full HD. And turn the volume up.

After you watch, please support us! We are a group of students from Carnegie Mellon University, The Art Institute, Syracuse University and University of Central Florida who spent 1.5 years making this film for you.

Facebook us. Tweet us. Blog about us. And feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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New Trailer for DC Nation Shows Amethyst, Static 

DC Nation will return as promised on January 5 according to a new trailer that also shows new footage of the animated Amethyst short as well as Static. The latter is interesting because there had been speculation that the Milestone rights may have been the cause of the CW pulling original content at the last minute in October.  The trailer promises all new content including shorts. [SOURCE]

I wish I could say I was still remotely invested in Young Justice to even give a shit anymore.
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With prompting well underway, friendly discourse should be able to take place between partpicants of the challenge. Thus at the request of [personal profile] katharsis_wings, this thread was created for discussing your prompts or ideas you've formulated so far within the ficathon or ideas you'd love to see pan out in fanworks. Have fun
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I Have A Question Pertaining To The Comics, On The Newest Edition #20, Rocket Makes A Comment About How Nightwing Is Still Friends With All Of His Ex’s, Does This Mean That He Date Rocket As Well In The Five Year Time Gap, The Comic Was A Little Unclear, Sorry If Its A Spoiler!..?


Greg responds…

It was actually Zatanna who made that comment. And I don’t think it was all that unclear.
But, yes.
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It happens, some things cannot be stopped, even for a ficathon. If you intend on dropping out of the ficathon, please leave a post here (with a reason if you feel comfortable enough with giving one out) to let us know.

If you need an extension, please leave a post here and let us know. Comments are screened, but if you don't want to comment, private message me if you've a problem connected to the delay of your fic's progression that you don't want to air out to the public.


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