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New Trailer for DC Nation Shows Amethyst, Static 

DC Nation will return as promised on January 5 according to a new trailer that also shows new footage of the animated Amethyst short as well as Static. The latter is interesting because there had been speculation that the Milestone rights may have been the cause of the CW pulling original content at the last minute in October.  The trailer promises all new content including shorts. [SOURCE]

I wish I could say I was still remotely invested in Young Justice to even give a shit anymore.
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“Internet fan sites have been running hot with rumors surrounding just what the reason might have been for Cartoon Network pulling DC Nation from its schedule for the remainder of 2012. While many fans directed their anger at Cartoon Network, it seems they might not be the ones at fault.

Rumor has it that a breakdown in negotiations between DC Comics and Milestone Media over the use of characters such as Static, Icon and Rocket were behind the move to postpone new episodes of DC Nation animated shows such as “Young Justice”, due to their use of those characters.

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Here’s what I don’t understand about the whole DC Nation removal by Cartoon Network, besides the obvious (you know, the fact they removed the block two weeks after it returned):

Why are people blaming Young Justice’s inclusion of Stephanie Brown and the Milestone characters for it?

I’m scratching my head about why DC Comics seem to get rid of anything involving Stephanie Brown, a character who has gone by many monikers, including Spoiler, Robin, and Batgirl. They replaced her as Nightwing in the Smallville comics (they replaced her with Barbara Gordon), and hasn’t really appeared in the New 52 DC Comics universe.

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The following are memes I meant to post on tumblr before things went to shit there, so I decided to post them here. Enjoy.

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