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In 1839, an alien starliner malfunctioned and exploded, and a jettisoned lifepod crashed in the middle of a cotton field in the American South. The pod automatically altered the appearance of its passenger named Arnus to mimic the first sentient life-form who discovered him. That life-form was a slave woman named Miriam, who saw the pod crash land.

In the present, Arnus is still with us. His alien physiology and powers makes him extermely long lived here on earth. Posing as Augustus Freeman IV, the great-grandson of his original human identity and still marooned, Augustus waits for Earth's technology to catch up to his lifepod's. However it seems his time has run out, recent scans from his lifepod prove what he has been avoiding for the last decade. Augustus is dying.

Secretly Augustus has always performed quiet acts of charity. However, in light of his deteriorating health the declining state of his surrogate home is beginning to weigh on him. Having lived through slavery he senses a trend in the world that could potentially lead to worse attrocities ahead. Augustus thought he would have more time.

One night, Augustus' house is broken into by 3 teenagers. One of which is Raquel, an idealistic teenage girl with a mischevious streak. Raquel lives on Paris Island, the poorest, most gang-ridden neighborhood in Dakota City. Her prospects seemed fairly bleak until this chance encounter with Augustus Freeman IV. Agustus quickly dispatches the intruders and lets them go on the condition that they turn away from a life of iniquity.

Inspired, curious, and after seeing him use his powers, Raquel tries to persuade Augustus to become a superhero named Icon. Agustus declines citing his declining health. But decides to use the last of the energy in his lifepod to transfer his abilities to Raquel. Armred with the powers of a god Raquel becomes ICON. With the help of her mentor Arnus they set out to save a world that doesn't even know it needs to be saved.


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