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Profile: Hi, I'm making a “Static Shock” live action Fan film. This will be closely related to the TV series from the Early 2000’s. Side note I look just like Virgil and i already act like him. I'm only 19 not in school and currently have no funding so mine I may not look as pretty as the other 2 films but it will have the feel of the show for sure :) My film is Called Static Shock “Phenomenon”. ”Young Virgil Hawkins wakes up with new abilities and becomes “STATIC” Dakota City’s protector and Hero, with the help of his best friend Richie always there to help every step of the way. Episode 1 Still in production, my is gonna consist of mini episodes that's right this is a fan film mini series I'm working on leading up to a 15 minute Final Fan Film I have 2 trailers on YouTube the first of which went viral wit 17 thousand views in just 4 months! Then second Trailer is very Epic and has 1,300 views and counting and its been a month. [SOURCE]

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Watch in full HD. And turn the volume up.

After you watch, please support us! We are a group of students from Carnegie Mellon University, The Art Institute, Syracuse University and University of Central Florida who spent 1.5 years making this film for you.

Facebook us. Tweet us. Blog about us. And feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our campaign page to raise funds for the production of our Static Shock Fan Film!

In June of 1993, Dwayne McDuffie created "Static", a comic book series about a young teenager named Virgil Hawkins living in the midst of gang violence and inner city struggles in the fictional city of Dakota. Static was one of the first (and only) African American superheroes to star in his own comic, and in 2000 even went on to star in the hit series "Static Shock" for 52 half-hour episodes. The "Static Shock" series was important as it was an inspiring, uplifting superhero cartoon that successfully reached out to young men and women, and brought McDuffie's work into the limelight and center stage.

We, the award-winning producers of the Fan Film "Static Shock: Redemption", have always been fans of "Static Shock", and are creating this high-def, high-quality short film to bring Static BACK in the form of a live-action series. We hope for our trailer-format film to go viral and draw attention, so that we may pitch the idea to DC comics.

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