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WELCOME TO [community profile] the_dakotaverse, a community dedicated to Milestone Media's universe and characters, created by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and others.

What is the Dakotaverse? The Dakotaverse is the reality in which the characters from Milestone Media take place, largely revolving around the eponymous Dakota City.
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Actually it was twenty years ago, but it wasn’t today. Look, any time I get to use a Beatles lyric in anything I write I’m using it. Nothing says witty and clever like a Beatles lyric or a Tupac and Biggie reference.

Case in point. One time too freakin’ many an ex-girlfriend asked me in an email if I thought she was getting fat. I was so sick of answering the same freakin’ question over and over again. She would ask when she and I would be on a date, in a car, on the phone, texting and one time I could have sworn she screamed it out during sex. I can’t be sure of that I couldn’t hear her clearly as I was, at the same time, screaming out my name. Yes, I scream my own name out during sex. Someone has to.

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Title:  Zombies
Author: Katharsis
Fandom: Milestone Media
Genre: Humor
Rated: T
Word Count: 756
Characters: Virgil Hawkins, Richie Foley, Raquel Ervin, Frieda Goren
Series: Disaster AU (1/3)
Prompt: Zombie-verse, "
"What do you mean you forgot?"
Summary- Zombie AU. Rated T. He would actually give anything to exchange salvaging for food and dodge flesh-eating zombies for pulling all nighters and nagging parents.

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At this point, December 25TH, 2012 is the official cut off point for the_dakotaverse ficathon (as far as prompting goes. I imagine if this was anything like a secret_santa, I'd still be posting material from other members or vice versa). Signs up began the 16TH of November and ended on the 30TH of the same month. I stepped outside of the realms of the community promotion sites of and and visited tumblr to advertise. It got generally positive reblogs and likes from fellow Milestone Media fans (most especially from BFMC) and a great turnout of prompts throughout the latter months of November and December.

Yesterday (December 24TH, 2012) was (and still is) the day when posting for fics was supposed to be begin and prompting ended, but those who responded either are still working on their stories or never got past the “oh, this looks interesting” bus, forgetting it and getting swept up in other things. Others had legitimate problems occurring in RL they felt comfortable with messaging me about. So, while this sounds like a “thanks, but no thanks” post, I’m really appreciative of the response this ficathon got, but considering the size and lack of cohesion the Milestone Media fandom has a result of being unable to obtain the multimedia that’s attached to their interest beyond a few trades released by DC Comics --- or other issues entirely, I really don’t see anything like this occurring for a third time.

Nevertheless, big thanks to all who participated in the ficathon; Prompts will remain in the thread and can be used to the discretion of whoever visits this community and feel free to continue to post prompts if that’s what you want. I’m certainly not gonna dissuade you.
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Profile: Hi, I'm making a “Static Shock” live action Fan film. This will be closely related to the TV series from the Early 2000’s. Side note I look just like Virgil and i already act like him. I'm only 19 not in school and currently have no funding so mine I may not look as pretty as the other 2 films but it will have the feel of the show for sure :) My film is Called Static Shock “Phenomenon”. ”Young Virgil Hawkins wakes up with new abilities and becomes “STATIC” Dakota City’s protector and Hero, with the help of his best friend Richie always there to help every step of the way. Episode 1 Still in production, my is gonna consist of mini episodes that's right this is a fan film mini series I'm working on leading up to a 15 minute Final Fan Film I have 2 trailers on YouTube the first of which went viral wit 17 thousand views in just 4 months! Then second Trailer is very Epic and has 1,300 views and counting and its been a month. [SOURCE]



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