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Title:  Zombies
Author: Katharsis
Fandom: Milestone Media
Genre: Humor
Rated: T
Word Count: 756
Characters: Virgil Hawkins, Richie Foley, Raquel Ervin, Frieda Goren
Series: Disaster AU (1/3)
Prompt: Zombie-verse, "
"What do you mean you forgot?"
Summary- Zombie AU. Rated T. He would actually give anything to exchange salvaging for food and dodge flesh-eating zombies for pulling all nighters and nagging parents.

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At this point, December 25TH, 2012 is the official cut off point for the_dakotaverse ficathon (as far as prompting goes. I imagine if this was anything like a secret_santa, I'd still be posting material from other members or vice versa). Signs up began the 16TH of November and ended on the 30TH of the same month. I stepped outside of the realms of the community promotion sites of LiveJournal.com and Dreamwidth.org and visited tumblr to advertise. It got generally positive reblogs and likes from fellow Milestone Media fans (most especially from BFMC) and a great turnout of prompts throughout the latter months of November and December.

Yesterday (December 24TH, 2012) was (and still is) the day when posting for fics was supposed to be begin and prompting ended, but those who responded either are still working on their stories or never got past the “oh, this looks interesting” bus, forgetting it and getting swept up in other things. Others had legitimate problems occurring in RL they felt comfortable with messaging me about. So, while this sounds like a “thanks, but no thanks” post, I’m really appreciative of the response this ficathon got, but considering the size and lack of cohesion the Milestone Media fandom has a result of being unable to obtain the multimedia that’s attached to their interest beyond a few trades released by DC Comics --- or other issues entirely, I really don’t see anything like this occurring for a third time.

Nevertheless, big thanks to all who participated in the ficathon; Prompts will remain in the thread and can be used to the discretion of whoever visits this community and feel free to continue to post prompts if that’s what you want. I’m certainly not gonna dissuade you.
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With prompting well underway, friendly discourse should be able to take place between partpicants of the challenge. Thus at the request of [personal profile] katharsis_wings, this thread was created for discussing your prompts or ideas you've formulated so far within the ficathon or ideas you'd love to see pan out in fanworks. Have fun
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It happens, some things cannot be stopped, even for a ficathon. If you intend on dropping out of the ficathon, please leave a post here (with a reason if you feel comfortable enough with giving one out) to let us know.

If you need an extension, please leave a post here and let us know. Comments are screened, but if you don't want to comment, private message me if you've a problem connected to the delay of your fic's progression that you don't want to air out to the public.
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General Prompt Guidelines: (ganked from: [livejournal.com profile] leeadama_daily)
  • All types of prompts are welcome: one word, complete fic ideas, phrases, loose scenarios, photos, screencaps, songs, lyrics, vids, poems, etc.
  • Prompts can be canon-related, crossover or AU.
  • Be sure to specify pairings or other characters if that is important to your prompt.
  • Comment as many times as you like with as many prompts as you want to. There is no limit, and you never know, that very last prompt you decide to leave could inspire the next great Lee fic.
  • You may include multiple prompts in one comment, but please put each prompt on its own line in your comment.

Need a prompt example? Here's one:
Raquel/Static - “Raquel and Static were on the debate team and Virgil was crushing hardcore on her”, Rating, (Content: Triggering, Sexual content, other)

Just submit prompts in the comments section in the format above or in the example post below and you're good to go.

Prompting Notes for Writers:
  • Feel free to leave prompts that fits a fic ideas you might already have.
  • Prompts will NOT be assigned - you may choose one or many that fit/inspire your fic.
  • Indicate the prompts that inspired you in the header of the fic.


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